Instagram Advertising in Egypt

increase visibility, grow customers and share your story with a highly engaged audience. We’re here to help you reach a highly engaged audience of over 1.21 billion users with Instagram ads. As one of the fastest growing online channels Instagram is a great way to build brand momentum Measurable results and meeting your unique business goals. Whether you want more Instagram engagement from local leads or brand awareness we’ll match your marketing goals with the right marketing strategy designed to meet your goals and budget. Instagram ad agency in Alexandria, Egypt. With the right Instagram strategy we create compelling Instagram ads to manage your campaigns and optimize your ads so you get more audience engagement and activity within your budget. You also get comprehensive reports and data about your campaigns so you can analyze your campaign performance Keep running Instagram ads.

Targeting Your Instagram Ad Audience 

Instagram ads appear in the audience’s newsfeed. Ad formats include image ads, video ads and carousel ads to meet your different marketing goals.

Instagram has focused its advertising strategy on its vast membership data allowing advertisers to precisely target audiences. In fact Instagram enables advertisers to reach their exact audiences from broad demographics to geographic preferences to more granular audiences interests and behaviors. 

Targeting by location: 

Instagram allows precise location targeting based on your profile data and the IP address of the computer you are logged into. Most cities in the Middle East countries and Egypt . Allows you to expand your targeting to include 10 25 and 50 miles of surrounding area regional market.

Targeting by interests and likes: 

Instagram leverages its members’ profile data to allow advertisers to drill down on specific keywords. These keywords represent members’ interests. Topics that users are passionate about—such as their music tastes TV preferences religious views etc.—can Used to further micro-target your audience.

Targeting by connections: 

You can target people on Instagram who are connected to your Facebook Page or connected to another of your Pages. You can also target ads only to people who are not yet connected; therefore your existing followers won’t see your ads. You can target those people’s friends Connected to your homepage.